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Service Projects and Teams

QIAOSEN's professional overseas market service team provides customers with professional and meticulous pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales services.Our professional team can provide installation and debugging of presses and stamping forming related machinery, displacement of presses, spot inspection and maintenance of presses, renovation of old presses, training on the use of presses, after-sales consultation and service work of presses.

We can provide customers with a set of professional services from installing and debugging new equipment until normal operation, actively following up and understanding the corresponding problems in customer use, and responding in a timely manner.


Pre sales: Comprehensive support for stamping technology

Pre sales free stamping samples are provided. We have professional engineers in various types of stamping products and molds to assist customers in selecting equipment, developing reasonable stamping plans, and providing customers with sufficient support in stamping technology.


After sales: 24-hour maintenance guarantee for uninterrupted operation of the press

1. From installation and debugging of new equipment until normal operation, actively follow up and understand the corresponding problems in customer use, and promptly respond.

After shipment, we can provide training on the basic knowledge, practical operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and other aspects of the press, aiming to reduce the damage caused by misoperation of the press from the source.

2. Conduct regular inspections of the safe operation of the punching machine every 1-3 months to avoid malfunctions in advance.

3. We provide you with 24-hour uninterrupted service, with a service response time of 4 hours.


Network online remote troubleshooting:

The online maintenance service for the network is the responsibility of QIAOSEN's control technology department and maintenance service department. The client also needs to cooperate with the personnel and online equipment support of QIAOSEN's agents in various regions.

We can remotely obtain device exception codes and accurately determine the true problem of the press machine through device exception prompts.

Customer benefits: Shorten transportation time, timely troubleshoot, reduce maintenance costs, and improve maintenance efficiency.

China press machine

We have extensive experience in serving customers around the world