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  • Crankshaft


    The crankshaft is made of high-strength alloy material 42CrMo, while other general manufacturers use 45 steel material for the crankshaft. Advantages: The strength is 1.3 times higher than that of 45 steel, and the service life is longer. The probability of crankshaft fr...
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  • Slide Guide

    Slide Guide

    The slider guide rail is treated with "high-frequency quenching" and "guide rail grinding process". High frequency quenching: The hardness reaches HRC48 degrees or above. Guide rail grinding process: The surface smoothness can reach a mirror level Ra0.4, and the flatness...
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  • Electric Control

    Electric Control

    Adopting world-renowned high-end brand electronic components, the electrical control system operates safely, reliably, stably, has a long lifespan, reduces failure rates, and is conducive to maintenance.
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  • Lubrication Piping

    Lubrication Piping

    QIAOSEN standard machine C frame single and double crank punch press, standard oil pressure lubrication piping is used Φ 6 (Generally used by other manufacturers) Φ 4) The hydraulic lubrication piping of medium and large punch presses adopts Φ 8. Advantages: The pipeline...
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  • Static Balance Instrument

    Static Balance Instrument

    Flywheel static balance testing platform, each flywheel undergoes a static balance test to ensure that the flywheel operates at high speed and reduces the shaking of the press.
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  • Lantern Ring

    Lantern Ring

    The area where the collar comes into contact with the oil seal is processed through "surface grinding" and "surface chromium plating (Cr)" processes. Advantages: The surface smoothness reaches Ra0.4~Ra0.8, and it is not easy to leak oil when in contact with the oil seal....
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  • Copper Sleeve

    Copper Sleeve

    All copper sleeves of the QIAOSEN press machine are made of tin phosphorus bronze ZQSn10-1, and general manufacturers use BC6 (ZQSn 6-6-3) copper material. Advantages: The strength is 1.5 times higher than ordinary BC6 copper, with high strength, low wear, and long accur...
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  • Ball Seat

    Ball Seat

    Ball seat material: sintered TM-3 copper alloy ball seat, other general manufacturers' ball seats are made of ductile iron. Advantages: High strength TM-3 alloy ball seat, with a surface compressive strength of up to 1000kgf/cm ², During the stamping process, the fricti...
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  • Gear Shaft

    Gear Shaft

    The gear shaft is made of high-strength alloy material 42CrMo, and all tooth surfaces have been quenched by intermediate frequency, resulting in high hardness; Tooth surface grinding processing with high accuracy. Advantages: Low tooth wear, high meshing accuracy, and lo...
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