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10 Functional Applications of Servo Press Machine

1. Curve sampling function:

The built-in data acquisition card of the equipment collects the signals of displacement and pressure sensors in real time, and draws them into displacement-pressure curves. The sampling rate can reach as high as 10K/s, which has very high stability and measurement accuracy.

2. Powerful curve evaluation function:

The judgment of each curve can set up to 8 evaluation windows, and each evaluation window has 16 judgment types to choose from.

The tolerance window can be set by modifying the value, or by dragging the frame.

The tolerance window can be square or irregular.   

3. Group curve evaluation function:

Select the corresponding product model according to the corresponding PLC brand and the number of displacement sensors and pressure sensors. The product supports multiple sets of force/displacement sensors for synchronous or asynchronous data acquisition in a differential manner.

4. Powerful data storage and traceability functions:

Users can save the detection curve in the form of pictures or data (TDMS/EXCEL) according to their needs. In the history query interface, they can perform yield statistics on the data of the day or a certain period of time.

Users can trace the press-fitting curve picture/data of the workpiece by inputting or scanning the serial number.

5. Support thousands of user-defined programs

For different products, users can define as many as thousands of programs. According to the product type, users can manually select programs, or automatically switch programs by reading PLC registers.

6. Online monitoring and judgment function:

By collecting pressure and displacement data, analyzing the press-fitting process, monitoring pressure and displacement, and displaying the pressure-displacement curve in real time.

The displacement and pressure at any point of the press-fit curve can be clearly observed by moving the mouse;

You can set up to 8 judgment boxes, and each judgment box has 16 ways of judgment.

Different judgment methods can be selected according to different products to alarm online to prevent unqualified products from flowing into the next process.

7. Data download function:

The historical pressing data can be copied from the system through a U disk or other storage tools, and an EXCEL table can be generated for viewing.

8. Data interconnection function:

The device supports Ethernet/USB/RS232 and other protocol communication of almost all mainstream PLCs on the market. A single communication line can complete the signal/data interaction with PLC. Compared with the IO communication of traditional instruments, the workload of wiring can be greatly simplified.

9. User management function:

The system has user group management function, which can assign different account passwords and choose to set different operation permissions. Authorized users can set key parameters, and operator permissions only have the viewing function.

10. Can be connected to a printer to print barcode/QR code:

The user can connect the printer to the force-displacement monitor, and print out the main product barcode/QR code after the press fit is qualified. The format and content of the barcode/QR code can be defined by the user.

10 Functional Applications of Servo

Post time: Jun-27-2023