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Safety operating procedures for mechanical presses

1. Purpose

Standardize employee behavior, complete operation standardization, and ensure personal and equipment safety.

2. Category

It is suitable for the operation and maintenance of the cement pressure testing machine and electric bending machine of the quality control department.

3. Risk identification

Mechanical injury, object blow, electric shock

4. Protective equipment

Work clothes, safety shoes, gloves

5. Operation steps

① Before starting:

Check whether the power supply of the device is in good contact.

Check whether the anchor screws are loose.

Check that the fixture is in good condition.

② At runtime:

During the experiment, personnel cannot leave the experiment site.

If the equipment is found to be abnormal, cut off the power immediately for inspection.

③ Shutdown and maintenance:

After shutting down, turn off the power of the equipment and clean up the equipment.

Regular maintenance.

6. Emergency measures:

When mechanical damage occurs, the risk source should be cut off first to avoid secondary damage, and the disposal should be carried out according to the damage status.

When an electric shock occurs, cut off the power supply so that the person who gets the electric shock can solve the electric shock as soon as possible.


Post time: Jul-18-2023