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What Do You Know About The Classification Of Press Machines?

According to the different driving forces, the slider driving force can be divided into two types: mechanical and hydraulic. Therefore, punching machines are divided into:

(1) Mechanical press machine

(2) Hydraulic press machine

General sheet metal stamping processing, most of which use mechanical punches. Hydraulic presses, depending on their use of liquids, can be divided into hydraulic presses and hydraulic presses, with hydraulic presses being the majority, while hydraulic presses are mostly used for giant or special machinery.

According to the classification of slider motion methods, there are single action, compound action, and triple action punch presses. However, nowadays, the most commonly used single action punch press is a slider. Compound action and triple action punch presses are mainly used in the extension processing of automobile bodies and large machined parts, and their quantity is very small.

Classification based on slider driven organization

(1) Crankshaft presses

(2) Crankshaft free presses

(3) Elbow presses

(4) Conflict press machine

(5) Screw presses

(6) Rack and pinion press

(7) Connecting rod press,link presses

(8) Cam press

Post time: Apr-13-2023