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When the hydraulic system oil temperature of the mechanical press is too high

The working mechanism of the press is driven by the motor through the transmission device. If the power and movement are mainly transmitted, it is the hydraulic system. Today we will talk about what happens if the oil temperature of the hydraulic system of the press is too high?

1. Oil viscosity, volumetric efficiency and hydraulic system work efficiency are all reduced, leakage increases, and even industrial equipment cannot work normally.

2. Accelerate the aging and deterioration of rubber seals, reduce their lifespan, and even lose their sealing performance, causing serious leakage of the hydraulic system.

3. The gasification of oil and the loss of water will easily cause cavitation of hydraulic components; the oxidation of oil will produce colloidal deposits, which will easily block the small holes in the oil filter and hydraulic valve, making the hydraulic system unable to operate normally.

4. The parts of the hydraulic system expand due to overheating, destroying the original normal fit clearance of the relative speed parts, resulting in increased frictional resistance and easy jamming of the hydraulic valve. At the same time, the lubricating oil film is thinned and the mechanical wear is increased. Wait for the mating surface to be invalidated or destroyed by premature failure.

Therefore, too high oil temperature will seriously endanger the normal use of equipment, reduce the service life of hydraulic components, and increase the maintenance cost of construction machinery. Therefore, when using the press, do not allow the oil temperature to be too high.


Post time: Aug-18-2023