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Working principle and application of mechanical press

Mechanical press is a kind of equipment that pushes the moving bar on the shell through the power mechanism, and produces deformation by compression, punching, bending, stretching, etc., to complete the forming processing and processing of the parts. Mechanical presses are based on traditional mechanical principles and use sliders to press workpieces. The slider moves downward through the transmission mechanism, thereby applying pressure to realize the machining of the workpiece. The pressure of the mechanical press can be achieved by adjusting the pressure regulating device of the press.

Mechanical presses are widely used in various fields, mainly including the following aspects:

 1. Metal processing: Mechanical presses play an important role in metal stamping, drawing, bending and bending. They can be used to produce metal products such as auto parts, electrical enclosures, and furniture hardware.

 2. Plastic processing: Mechanical presses are widely used in plastic injection molding. They make plastic products, such as plastic containers, plastic parts, etc., by injecting melted plastic materials into molds.

 3. Rubber processing: mechanical press plays an obvious role in the processing of rubber products. They can be used to make rubber products such as tires, seals, and rubber tubes.

 4. Wood processing: Mechanical presses are often used for pressing, bending, cutting, inlaying and so on in the process of wood processing. They can produce furniture, floors, doors and Windows and other wooden mechanical presses are widely used in various industries, the following are some of the applications:

 1. Metal processing: The press is used for cold heading, cold extrusion, cold drawing, die casting and other metal processing processes, can produce a variety of metal parts and products.

 2. Plastic processing: The press can achieve hot melt, compression and cooling of plastic in the production process of plastic products, which is used to manufacture plastic products such as plastic bottles, plastic boxes and so on.

 3. Wood processing: The press can be used to press wood to produce a variety of wood products, such as furniture, flooring and so on.

 4. Rubber processing: The press is used in the production process of rubber products, such as rubber tubes, rubber seals, etc.

 5. Ore processing: The press plays a key role in the process of ore crushing, screening and blocking.

 6. Fastener manufacturing: The press is used to manufacture a variety of bolts, nuts, expansion bolts and other fasteners.

 7. Auto parts manufacturing: Presses are used for parts manufacturing in the automotive industry, such as engine blocks, body components, etc.

 In general, mechanical presses play an important role in various industries, which is of great significance for improving production efficiency and manufacturing high-quality products.

Post time: Sep-06-2023