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Characteristics of high speed press

The high speed press has the following characteristics.

1.The number of slider strokes is high. The number of strokes of the slider directly reflects the press

Production efficiency. The number of slider trips of foreign medium and small high-speed presses has reached 1000'3000 times /Min. The number of slide stroke of the high-speed press and the length of the slide stroke and feeding Degree dependent.

2.The inertia of the slider is large. The high-speed reciprocating movement of the slider and the mold will produce a lot the inertia force causes the inertia vibration of the machine tool. Plus the elasticity built up during the press .The vibration caused by the release of potential energy will directly affect the performance of the press and the life of the die.

Therefore, it is necessary to take vibration reduction measures for high-speed presses.

3.Emergency braking device is provided. The transmission system of the high speed press has good tightness.The quick braking feature enables the press to stop in an emergency when the accident monitoring device gives an alarm Car, to avoid unnecessary economic losses and the occurrence of safety accidents.

4.High feeding accuracy. The feeding accuracy can reach ±(0.01-0.03)mm, which is conducive to lifting high working step positioning accuracy, reduce the damage of equipment or mold caused by inaccurate feeding.

5.The rigidity of the machine tool and the guiding accuracy of the slider are high.

6.Auxiliary devices are complete. There are high precision gap feeding device, balancing device, reducing Vibration silencing device, accident monitoring device, etc.

7.High-precision machining capacity: The high-speed press is equipped with advanced control system and precision transmission structure, which can ensure the stability and accuracy of the machining process, and is suitable for processing tasks with high requirements for parts size.

 8.Good repeatability: The working process of the high-speed press has high consistency and repeatability, which can ensure the processing quality of each part is basically consistent, and reduce the error and variation in the processing.

 9.Versatility: high-speed presses usually have a variety of processing modes and process options, which can adapt to different processing needs and achieve a variety of processing tasks.

 10.High safety: High speed press adopts safety protection device and emergency shutdown function, which can ensure the safety of operators and reduce operational risks.

 11.Energy saving and environmental protection: The design of high-speed press pays attention to energy utilization efficiency and energy saving and emission reduction, and uses environmentally friendly materials and processes to reduce environmental pollution.

In recent years, high-speed stamping has been widely developed and applied, mainly for electronic,Production of large batch stamping parts for instrument, instrument, light industry, automobile and other industries.

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Post time: Sep-12-2023