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H-Frame Double Crank Servo Presses

Short Description:

STE-Servo-Series: 160~800 Tons

QIAOSEN mechanical servo press machine:STE-sv series are H-frame double crank type, it’s feature advance forming technologies to create value for customers by combining reliable engineering and Servo Drive technology. User-friendly HMI with large color 15.6 inches touch screen provides easy operation to choose suitable slide motion profiles to improve productivity.

Product Detail


Standard / Optional



Product Introduction

QIAOSEN servo press integrates reliable engineering technology capabilities and servo drive technology, providing excellent forming technology and creating high added value for customers. Equipped with a color LCD touch screen interface, users can easily operate it at a glance.  Built in with 9 motion curve processing modes (and can be programmed according to the processing technology of different products to achieve more motion curves), compared to ordinary press machines, it has a simple structure, high mechanical transmission efficiency, and lower maintenance costs, allowing for easy selection of suitable processing modes and improving production efficiency. STE series servo presses are double point straight side unitized frame servo press machine,which are widely used in automotive sheet metal forming, home appliance component metal stamping, and electronic component stamping.


Technical parameter

Specifications Unit STE-160sv STE-200sv STE-250sv STE-300sv STE-400sv STE-500sv STE-600sv STE-800sv
Rated tonnage point Ton 160 200 250 300 400 500 600 600
Rated tonnage point mm 6 6 7 7 7 8 10 10
Slider strokes per minute(S.P.M) Swing mode ~100 ~100 ~75 ~70 ~60 ~60 ~60 ~50
Slider strokes per minute(S.P.M) Full stroke ~55 ~45 ~40 ~40 ~30 ~30 ~30 ~25
Slider stroke length mm 200 200 250 300 300 300 300 350
Max mold height mm 450 500 550 550 550 600 600 800
Slider adjustment amount  mm 100 120 120 120 120 150 150 150
Up platform size mm 1600*650 1850*750 2100*900 2100*900 2200*900 2500*1000 2800*1200 3400*1400
Down platform size mm 1800*760 2200*940 2500*1000 2500*100 2500*1000 2800*1100 3000*1200 3600*1400
Side opening mm 700*450 700*600 700*600 900*650 900*650 1000*700 1100*700 1200*700
Servo motor torque NM 10000 14000 15000 21000 32000 40000 60000 65000
Air pressure kg*cm² 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
Press accuracy grade Grade JIS 1 JIS 1 JIS 1 JIS 1 JIS 1 JIS 1 JIS 1 JIS 1
Our company is ready to carry out research and improvement work at any time. Therefore, the size design characteristics specified in this catalogue can be changed without further notice. 

Company Profile

QIAOSEN PRESS MACHINE are committed to fine management and lean manufacturing. The company has implemented ERP enterprise information management to provide customers with more timely, high-quality and value-added products, and constantly promoted the updating and upgrading of the industry. Pay attention to each key technology, constantly introduce the latest instruments and excellent talents, and independently develop the business philosophy of "lean manufacturing, brand creation, and customer service".

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  • ● Heavy one-piece steel frame, minimizing deflection, high accuracy.

    ● High strength body structure, small deformation and high precision.

    ● 8-points slide guiding, and the sliding block guide rail adopts “high-frequency quenching” and “rail grinding process”: low wear, high precision, long precision holding time, and improves the service life of the mold.

    ● The crankshaft is made of high-strength alloy material 42CrMo. Its strength is 1.3 times that of 45 steel and its service life is longer.

    ● The copper sleeve is made of tin phosphor bronze ZQSn10-1, and its strength is 1.5 times that of ordinary BC6 brass.

    ● The use of highly sensitive hydraulic overload protection device can effectively protect the service life of the presses and die.

    ● Forced thin re-circulating oil lubrication device, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, equipped with automatic alarm function, with better smoothness and heat dissipation, and better lubrication effect.

    ● The standard configuration is high-precision bearing and Japanese NOK seal.

    ● 15.6 inch touch screen.

    ● Optional Die Cushion.


    ● 9 processing modes are built-in, and each product can select the processing curve most suitable for component processing, So as to achieve high precision, high efficiency and high energy conservation.

    ● Compared with traditional presses, it has simple structure, high mechanical transmission efficiency and low maintenance cost.

    ● According to the characteristics of products/materials, the stamping forming speed can be reduced during the material processing to achieve the best forming speed of products/materials. Thus reducing vibration and stamping noise; Improve product accuracy and extend the service life of the mold.

    ● According to different products, different heights are required. The stroke of the punch can be set arbitrarily, which greatly shortens the stamping time and improves the efficient.

    Standard Confirguration

    > Hydraulic overload protection device > Air blowing device
    > Servo Motor(Speed  Adjustable) > Mechanical shockproof feet
    > Electric slider adjusting device > Mis-feeding detection device reserved interface
    > Independent control cabinet > Maintenance tools and toolbox
    > Prejudging counter > Main motor reversing device
    > Digital die height indicator > Light Curtain (Safety Guarding)
    > Slider and stamping tools balance device > Power outlet
    > Rotating cam controller > Re-Circulating Oil lubrication
    > Crankshaft angle indicator > Touch screen (pre-break, pre-load)
    > Electromagnetic counter > Movable  two-handed operating console
    > Air source connector > LED die lighting
    > Second degree falling protecting device   Air cooled chiller

    Optional Configuration

    > Customization Per Customer Requirement > Safety Die Door
    > Die Cushion > Electric grease lubrication device
    > Turnkey System with Coil Feedline and Automation System > Anti-Vibration Isolator
    > Quick Die Change System > Tonnage Monitor
    > Slide knock out device >