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C-Frame Double Crank Mechanical Presses

Short Description:

STC-Series: 110-315 Tons

STC series press is double crank gap frame stamping presses, 2 points unitized frame with long bed area, great for light duty progressive die application or large single stroke parts. This is generally applicable for punching,bending,forming,and blanking process on small single work of thin steel plate and progressive die parts, which can connect with double crank press machine, progressive die, mechanical arm or added with transfer system(press robots).Widely used in sheet metal stamping fields such as automotive parts stamping, hardware punch, and home appliance component metal forming process.

Product Detail


Standard / Optional



Product Introduction

STC series punch press machine are produce by Qiaosen machine factory, which built to meet or exceed JIS Class 1 accuracy standards. Qiaosen punching machine adopt forced Lubrication system with default monitor ensures the operation reliability.User-friendly design and all-function electric control system provide high automation compatibility.

Gap press frame made of high strength steel frames and Quenching & Grinding Process for Slide-Guide,which can make the press machine have minimizing deflection and high accuracy and provide increased tool life.

 The material of presses crankshaft are forged 42CrMo alloy,precision-machined gears and other drive train components are designed for smooth power transmission, quiet operation and long life. STC series double crank press machine are dry clutch system,which has longer service life of the clutch system ,high single stroke rate and high torque outputs performance.

Siemens based control platform and user-friendly touch screen operation interface are standardized in all QIAOSEN’s precision press machine, make the puching machine provides ease of operation and expandable capabilities. Easy to integration with other automation system(Such as press transfer and robots). Other brands of control can be furnished upon request.

Product Details


① Flywheel, Dry Clutch Brake, Gear Shaft (Transmission System)

② Main gear

③ Crankshaft

④ Connecting Rods

⑤ Hydraulic Overload Protection

⑥ Balancer

⑦ Adjusting nut

⑧ Frame

⑨ Main Motor

⑩ Bolster

⑪ Slide Frame


Technical parameter

Specifications Unit STC-110 STC-160 STC-200 STC-250 STC-315
Mode   V-type H-type V-type H-type V-type H-type V-type H-type V-type H-type
Press capacity Ton 110 160 200 250 315
Rated tonnage point mm 5 3 6 3 6 3 7 3.5 7 3.5
Slide strokes per minute S.P.M 35~65 50~100 30~55 40~85 25~45 35~70 20~35 30~60 20~40 40~50
Slide stroke length mm 180 110 200 130 250 150 280 170 280 170
Max die height mm 400 435 450 485 500 550 550 605 550 605
Slide adjustment amount mm 100 100 120 120 120
Slide Area mm 1400*500 1600*550 1850*650 2100*700 2200*700
Slide Thickness mm 70 70 95 95 95
Bolster Area mm 1800*650 2000*760 2400*840 2700*900 2800*900
Bolster Thickness mm 130 150 170 170 190
Platform to floor distance mm 830 990 1070 1100 1100
Die cushion capacity Ton 3.6*2set 6.3*2set 10*2set 14*2set 14*2set
Main motor power KW*P 11*4 15*4 18.5*4 22*4 30*4
Air pressure kg*cm² 6 6 6 6 6
Press accuracy grade Grade JIS 1 JIS 1 JIS 1 JIS 1 JIS 1
Press dimension(L*W*H) mm 1745*2000*3059 1940*2200*3709 2235*2620*3849 2545*3000*4304 2545*3100*4304
Press weight Tons 14.2 22 30.5 40.5 48
Die cushion active area mm² 350*235*2set 410*260*2set 540*350*2set 640*470*2set 690*470*2set
Our company is ready to carry out research and improvement work at any time. Therefore, the size design characteristics specified in this catalogue can be changed without further notice. 

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  • ● Heavy one-piece steel frame, minimizing deflection, high accuracy.

    ● OMPI pneumatic dry clutch brake,longer service life.

    ● 6 points slide guiding, Adopt Quenching &  Grinding Process for Slide-Guide,which can make the press machine higher accuracy & low wear and provide increased tool life.

    ● Forged 42CrMo alloy material crankshaft, its strength is 1.3 times higher than that of #45 steel, and service life is longer.

    ● Copper sleeve is made of tin phosphorus bronze ZQSn10-1, which has a strength 1.5 times higher than that of ordinary BC6 brass.

    ● Highly sensitive hydraulic overload protection device,effectively protect the service life of the presses and tools.

    ● Built to JIS Class I accuracy standard.

    ● Optional Die Cushion.

    Standard Confirguration

    > QS  operating system > Second degree falling protecting device
    > Hydraulic overload protection device > Air blowing device
    > Electronic cam device > Mechanical shockproof feet
    > Electric slider adjusting device > Mis-feeding detection device reserved interface
    > Variable frequency variable speed motor (adjustable speed) > Maintenance tools and toolbox
    > Air blowing device > Main motor reversing device
    > Digital die height indicator  > Light Curtain (Safety Guarding)
    > Slider and stamping tools balance device > Power outlet
    > Rotating cam controller > Electric grease lubrication device
    > Crankshaft angle indicator > Touch screen (pre-break, pre-load)
    > Electromagnetic counter > Fixed two-handed operating console
    > Air source connector > LED die lighting

    Optional Configuration

    > Customization Per Customer Requirement > T-type movable two handed console
    > Die Cushion > Re-Circulating Oil lubrication
    > Foot switch > Wet clutch
    > Quick Die Change System > Anti-Vibration Isolator
    > Slide knock out device > Tonnage Monitor
    > Turnkey System with Coil Feedline and Automation System